April 1, Saturday

With special guests – Liminal / Ghostwreck / Hosticide

Four (4) local metalcore bands performing live at Factory Records. Doors open at 7:30pm.

Purchase tickets here or at the store for $10 each https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-martyrliminalghostwreckhosticide-tickets-569861971497


The Martyr

Headling the evening with the talents of Gia D’Amato, Marc Shojil, Paul Wallace and Matteo Juliano.

Special Guests:


Liminal is a young band out of New Jersey formed in late 2021. Liminal is comprised of members from local bands and newer faces to the music scene. Wesley Robinson the former front man of Sabretooth, Chris Werner the former guitarist of The Pharaoh, The Bear, Chris Smith the former drummer of Counterfeit Culture, and Sean Dempsey! After successfully filling each roll necessary in the band they began meeting up and writing music to move the friends around them. After a short time of writing and building a base Liminal had released their debut single and music video “Burn” alongside owner and engineer Randy Pasquarella of Pasquarella Recordings and Photographer/Videographer Eduardo Ruiz. Liminal is currently finishing their EP and playing cities near you! In 2022 Liminal had shared a stage with artists such as Attila, Traitors, Twiztid, Ocean of Illusions, VCTMS, Scumfuck, Catch Your Breath, and Diamonds To Dust.


New York songwriters Ghostwreck take inspiration from each of their own unique backgrounds and turn it into a fresh take on metalcore. Ghostwreck features previous members of Endwell, Coerce, Cristalix, Martyrd, Southside Panic & Thera. With clean vocals, screams, breakdowns, and guitar solos Ghostwreck has something for every music fan.

Friends since 2006, their first EP “The City is Gone” released in 2021. Despite releasing an EP during the pandemic and being unable to play shows, Ghostwreck was quickly picked up both online and by terrestrial radio. Their song “Disaster With a Capital D” is quickly approaching 100,000 streams on Spotify.

Between 2021 and 2022 Ghostwreck was hard at work in the studio, creating their next explosive hit. Recorded at Atrium Audio, 1954 released 12.9.22 and has taken the online metal community by storm. With over 6,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and a dedicated online following of 1,000 fans Ghostwreck is picking up steam and looking to continue the momentum in 2023.

Members: James Kelso, Mike Kitsos, Joe Minutillo, Steven Panepinto, Billy Kastis, Alex Sieligowski


An American hardcore death metal band from Wood-Ridge, New Jersey. The group was formed under a different name in 2016 by guitarist Anthony Glavan and bassist Gloria Glavan. They established themselves as Hosticide in late 2021 as they prepared to release their debut EP, Violent Intention (2022). Hosticide’s sound is defined by their aggressive tonality and influence from old-school death metal along with New Jersey hardcore punk.

Brendan Cormack-Vocals | Chris Dunn-Drums | Anthony Glavan-Guitar | Gloria Glavan-Bass

Tickets at the door will be $10 and available only if there is space. We recommend purchasing advanced tickets.

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