August 20th, Sunday

Enjoy the VIP experience at Factory Records Lounge where every seat is like being in the front row.


Part-Time Custodian is an indie rock band from New Jersey. In a short period of time they have built a diverse catalog of songs that have caught the ear of new fans across the tri-state area. Some have said their sound has a Counting Crows/Wallflowers vibe. They are cool with that. Mike has a degree in English Lit (questionable choice) and Joe is married to a Librarian, so perhaps the best way to define their sound is “Language Arts Rock”. They released their debut EP “Crowned in Aftergrlow” in 2021 and will be releasing their follow up record in 2023.

Members include:

~ Mike Herzenberg – vocals, guitar key

~ Joe Palmisano – lead guitar, backing vocals

~ Ted Winsch – bass

~ Adrian Cardona – drums

Purchase tickets here or at the store for $10 each Tickets purchased at door will be $15 each if space is available.

Doors open at 1pm.


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