December 17, 2022, Saturday

Purchase tickets here or at the store for $30 each (+tax and fees)

Video from Tony Grova about this event

Don’t miss this annual fan favorite show special, featuring Elvis’ Christmas songs and his top song hits.

Tony has been performing his tribute to Elvis since 1975. He is a multi-award winning entertainer and one of the top performers in his field.

Tony is one of the very few, elite original Elvis Tribute Artists still performing today. As this small group of artists started their careers and performed while Elvis was still alive!!

Tony has performed throughout the country from Broadway to Las Vegas show rooms. He has appeared through the years as a special guest on many television shows including Oprah, Geraldo, Joan Rivers and many, many more. He has been involved with various movie productions about Elvis, and has been seen and written about in many newspapers such as the New York Post, Daily News and numerous books about Elvis and Elvis Tribute Artists. You can also see Tony in television biographies about Elvis.

Tony has also performed with Elvis’ original back up singers the Jordanaires and original drummer DJ Fontana many times thru the years. Tony has studied Elvis intensely and is widely know for the authenticity he brings to the stage. He is highly respected by many in his field and also by some of Elvis’ personal friends that have seen Tony perform at one time or another over the years.

Tony Grova’s official website

Tickets purchased at door will be $35 each(+tax)

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