December 1st, Thursday

Massa Nera with special guests Burial Dance, Raptureisdead! and Silithyst

Purchase tickets here

Tickets $10 each on-line or at store. Tickets purchased at door will be $10 each. Doors open 7pm.

Massa Nera Massa Nera Video

“Loud sounds from New Jersey.”

Burial Dance Burial Dance Video

“Cathartic, crushing emotional hardcore.”

Raptureisdead! Raptureisdead! Video

“RAPTUREISDEAD! is an emoviolence band with metal-core leanings from New Jersey.”

Silithyst Silithyst Video

“Glassboro, NJ Electronic Post-Hardcore. (FFO: Enter Shikari, underØATH, The Devil Wears Prada)”

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