Enjoy an evening with solo fingerstyle instrumental guitarist Peter Biedermann and music trio Serious Fun with their creative improvisatory music.

Peter Biedermann

Peter is a solo fingerstyle instrumental guitarist based in Green Valley, AZ that has performed in several different contexts since the mid 70’s. While his music doesn’t settle into any particular genre, it is a hybrid, contemporary style that melds elements of American, European and other world influences into a jambalaya of sound enhanced by subtle electronics and live looping on various guitars in unique tunings. The focus of the concert will be on pieces from his catalogue of recordings beginning with ‘Sound & Spirit’ (2000) through the latest live release ‘Say What?’ (2020). More details can be found on Peter Biedermann website

Serious Fun

Serious Fun is a creative improvisatory music trio with backgrounds in solo acoustic & electric guitar, keys, synths, electronics, opera, musical theatre, blues, jazz and spoken word. Serious Fun released two cds in 2010 and 2011, ‘The Red House Panties’ & ‘American Anthem’ and have performed in various venues throughout New York City & New Jersey. Since moving to separate parts of the United States they perform at least one (1) gig every year in order to instill fear in the musical landscape and persist as a viable project.

Peter (Schaltfinger) Biedermann – guitars, loops, electronics
Anthony (Schonfrist) LaMort – keys, electronics, loops
John (Professor Wortreich) Hammel – poetry, voice, harmonica, diminished state of mind

CD’s of both artists will be available for sale after their sets.

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